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Guardhouse has forged partnerships with technology companies to expand our service offerings, increase engagement and retention, and recommend a number of flexible solutions to help your business grow.

Business Turnaround
Business Turnaround Services

Business Turnaround Services implement end-to-end business strategy and operations alongside Directors and Owners to overhaul business structures to achieve a target net profit margin. They focus on turning companies in Extreme Financial Distress into profitability and health.

Presentation Design

Slidemaster is a presentations design agency specialising in the design of unique PowerPoint presentations, engaging Explainer Videos, customised PowerPoint templates and powerful design visuals.

Workforce Finance

Invigo combines a range of valuable business services with innovative and affordable business finance. Utilising latest technologies, Invigo takes the pain out of cash flow management and reduces the stress of running a business.

Website Development

Relume is a website development agency which builds websites that enable you to make ongoing updates and optimisations without the need of a web developer.

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