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How Guardhouse Streamlined Vanguard Security

Jordan Mooney of Vanguard Services in Bournemouth thinks security is one of the most stressful, high-octane industries because everything is last minute.

‘If you’re not organised, you’re not going to last very long, you’ll have a heart attack.’

Running a successful business for 22 years, now with over100 staff, Jordan remembers the stress of juggling multiple Excel spread sheets and tracking guard compliance, arrivals and time on emails, texts, an A4 pad and occasionally on the back of a cigarette packet.

Today, with everything integrated in one simple to use system, Jordan appreciates having the headspace to focus on improving his business and the right information to deliver a great service to clients. ‘The thoughts I used to have rushing around 24/7 slowed down as soon as I gotGuardhouse because I can see exactly what’s covered, who is and isn’t on site and attend to any last-minute things,’ he said. ‘It takes away the pressure andI can’t recommend it enough.’  

Automated Licence checking, compliance reminders, increasing profitability and streamlining finances were also high priorities when looking for a workforce management system. After narrowing his search to six software packages for the security industry, Jordan found Guardhouse came out on top, ticking all these boxes for one all-inclusive subscription cost.

‘Right from the pilot stage, I could see the Guardhouse team was on the ball and in the game.’

Jordan was curious about the compatibility of an Australian product and quickly discovered many similarities between the UK and Australian markets. He found the system was already up to date with the HMRC, VAT and compliance aspects and during the trial, the Guardhouse team tailored the system to suit his specific business needs, not just the UK market.

‘It was their approachability, honesty and effectiveness across the board that sold it for me,’ Jordan said. ‘I think those three things are key to any business relationship and I know I’ve got the support I need.’

Jordan Mooney - Managing Director at Vanguard

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