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Guardhouse Digital Incident Register: Simple Incident Reporting


November 16, 2020

Incident Reporting can be a very tedious process for guards, licensed venues and security guards alike, with manual reporting in incident books causing headaches for all involved.

With this in mind, we developed our Digital Incident Register, a cloud-based platform allowing users to fill in and submit incident reports as they happen from their mobile phone.

Incident Reporting

Using our Incident Register you can generate complete incident reports using easy to fill out forms, all accessible from the Guardhouse app.

  • These incident forms offer a streamlined method of reporting any incidents that occur within a venue or work site.
  • The Incident Register can easily be monitored via the web or mobile app, allowing management to view incidents as they are submitted.

Fully Compliant

The Guardhouse Digital Incident Register is fully compliant with SLED and NSW Liquor and Gaming, meeting the requirements of:

  • NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA)
  • NSW Government Security Licensing Enforcement Directorate's (SLED)
  • SLED Electronic Incident Register (EIR)
  • SLED Digital Sign on Register (DSR)

Custom Form Creation

Included in the Digital Incident Register package is a simple custom form building functionality, allowing you to create custom forms in a matter of minutes.

  • Build form templates that are usable across all of your customers and sites.
  • Populate each form the way you want by using the different question paths and answer types available within the form builder.
  • Fill out forms whenever you want via the web and mobile apps for quick and easy submission.

Full Guardhouse Integration

Last but not least, the Digital Incident Register has been developed to integrate seamlessly with the rest of the Guardhouse platform to ensure you never miss a beat when switching between features.

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